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telugu sexy stories

Hi all, I am 31 year old married male… any females want to have fun in Singapore please mail to me on …I have moved to Singapore for work in end of February 2007.. It was very boring being lonely in Singapore, as my wife not joined me to pursue her higher studies in India..One of the weekend I have decided to go for the movie spider man in one of the cinema hall in Singapore.. I have called one of my friend also to join.. As I entered could see one family sitting in the same raw as ours.. I have noticed the lady, she looks around 40 year, with good figure.. She was wearing a long skirt and a T-shirt with printing 'mangoes' … the lady was sitting next to me… I just commented slowly to my friend, mater melon is called as mangoes nowadays… the lady had a such a big boobs. It was 38 D, which I came to later.. This lady overheard my comments.. She turned back and smiled at me.. She had a naughty look on her eyes. We exchanged some stares between the movie.. After some time the husband of her taken the kid toilet.. The lady turned towards me and asked if u like mangoes with a naughty smile.. I said, yeah I like to suck mangoes. She had introduced herself as Sheila. She asked my number, I gave her my mobile number.. She saved it to her mobile.. After that I have been on business travel for a week, I used to have local numbers the region I used to visit.. So I used to switch off my Singapore number while traveling to avoid additional roaming charges..After returning, I could see one message from the Sheila, to call back.. It was Friday, I have returned the call.. Sheila picked up the call and started talking.. She was looking for some extramarital affair as her husband is not satisfying her.. I said even am looking for the same as my wife is not with me. She said can come to her home in day time after her husband goes for work. So we decided to have fun on Monday after her husband goes for work.. Sheila called me on Monday 9:30 to come home.. I rushed to her house.. Sheila was waiting for me at the door, wearing a knee length nighty.. She locked the grill and left opens the door. She asked me what I need for drink; I said mangoes. She said, then lets go to the bedroom.. She started undressing me.. I just lifted the maxi, she was wearing sexy string panty inside.. She had a big juicy ass.. I just smashed on the ass cheeks.. Her hand was on my manhood, stroking gently.. I started sucking her huge melons.. Sheila started breathing heavily.. I have started simulate her pussy with finger while sucking her boobs.. She was pleading me to insert cock inside pussy as he was going out of control.. She was wet and warm.. I have gently inserted disk in he pussy…she started thrusting me from down, she had orgasm in 5 time in 20 min.. I have fucked her in doggy style and in standing position till 12:30.. She said she is having orgasm after 3 years now as her husband don't care about her satisfaction while having sex.. I am looking for having fun with ladies in Singapore.. Please mail on