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Enjoying with a Sexy Teacher

Hello.....this is Rakesh from Chennai the first time i am posting astory in this amazing keralaerotica site,,,the stories in these aresurely chilling and absolutely attractive Let me introduce myselffirst..... I am Rakesh 23 years old from Chennai. I come from a Middleclass family and live in a colony with my parents. I am going to tell myreal life experience with my teacher who is is about 26 years old. Asshe lives next to our road. She is our science teacher. I had beeneyeing her for a long time to fuck her. She was a gorgeous lookingwoman, lovely shape 36-28-36 she is so sexy and young. When she teachesme my eyes are always looking at her big boobs. I always try to seethrough her blouse. Her husband was working in Bangalore weekly once hecomes to Chennai. She is staying with her mother –in-law and having achild of 3 yrs. She is very brilliant in taking class but I refused &watching her big boobs and her body language. She noticed and asked meto come home in the evening. In the evening I went to her home hermother-in-law were sent out to her relative’s house with her child shewhich is far from her residence. At that time she wearied a nicetransparent blue sari with the same color blouse which is alsotransparent so that I can have a clear view of her breast wearing awhite colored bra. Her body is sweated due to some works in her house.She said to sit in the sofa, and she went to take bath. I had noticedher through the key hole of the bathroom door. Wow what a marvelousstructure. Then I came to sofa. After taking bath she wearied a towelon his breast and went to bedroom to take dress at that time she doesnot closed the door. Suddenly a harsh air flows in the home so that thedoor was kept opened fully through that I had viewed her full structure.After getting dress she came near to me and tell that not to tell anybody regarding this. I said ok. Then she gave me a cup of tea and askedabout the studies. Then she asked personally that whether he issatisfied with her structure. I came shy and said that if it is near Iam the lucky. Then she asked me whether you masturbate your selfthinking of me. I said yes. Then she soon sit near to me my tool waserected she noticed and nicely unzipped to take my tool and saidwowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww even my husband tool is not much thicker than me.After getting out she holds the tool in his hand and gave me a Frenchkiss. Then I started to give full impression on her. Her body becomesvery hot. She took my hand on her breast and squeezed it. Then she toldme to follow her. It was her bed room. She told me to do whatever you dothis is your time. She told me to undress her. I sawn a lady i kissedher continuously for 10 minutes then I had unhooked her blouse in thather two big boobs are crushing with one another. The bra is holding only30 % of boobs. Soonly she had undressed me. Then she helped me to UNhook the bra. It was the first time I saw a lady naked. Wow What a twodark nipples they are erected about 1.5 cm in length. I started suckingher boobs one by one. From that boob I had tasted honey sweeted milk.Then we both were sits on the bed. She started feeding the milk to me asa child. I drank the milk till my stomach gets full. She was in fullmood. Then she took my penis and done good blow job with her mouth for20 minutes. Then I had ejaculated the semen. She tasted it and swallowedit. After I had a chance to taste her vagina with my hot lips shebecomes very tempered when my tongue enter in to her vagina she can’ttolerate it adjusted her hip to manage. She also ejaculate and said totaste it I also taste it. It’s nice. Then after 20 Minutes my tool wasget erected. She told me to lie in the bed. So that my tool standstowards 90’. She stands on the bed and placed her vagina on my tool itwas so tight and I shouted she told me not to shout. She made a movementtowards up and down and makes some romantic noise ahhh ahhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhh’ I am feeling it as heaven. Then she lied down and now Imade the movements to and fro at that time she said that fuck me da youbad my husband didn’t like this do come on fast da fast. I really proudof it I made movements too fast finally my tool was once againejaculated inside her vagina. Almost we did like this two times on thatday. Tomorrow casually we met in the school. Her husband is out ofstation is our advantage both were met in the bed weekly twice orthrice. I am willing to have sex with any age of girls & womens inChennai. please send me a reply & comments to me email id