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Ente Aadhya Anubhavam

I would like to share my first experience of my gay life. I was studying in scool. The hair started growing on my armpit, below my nose, chest, thighs, around my penis and on my balls. I have got a good friend, his name is Gopu, he is elder than me and is my neighbour. Ours is a village. We used to meet in the nearby temple ground and we used to go for movies, dramas, ganamela etc. etc. Eventhough he is elder than me, we are too intimate and share everything each others. He was doing his final year B.Sc. I like his physique, especially he got good hairy chest and huge hairy thighs. One day, we planned to go for a drama in the nearby temple in connection with the pooram of that temple. It is hardly 2 kms far from our home. As usual, we met in our nearby temple ground and he told me to wait for sometime as the drama starts around 11 p.m. and we are too early. I obeyed him. We sat near the heap of sand which unloaded for the purpose of a home construction. We both weared mundu. While talking, he started to press on my thighs and touch on my kunna. In the first instance, I felt it bad as I was knowing/heard only about the male and female sex. Eventhough I like it, I told him to remove his hands. But he refused to do so and told me Whether u enjoy my touch? My kunna has become kambi and he came to know that I am interested. Then he removed my mundu and shirt and pressed on my thighs and started kissing my lips and rubbing my nipples. In the same time, I also removed his mundu and press and lick on his huge thighs. He removed my jetty and took my kuttan in his hands and told me that he was waiting for such a chance to take my kunna in his hands and to suck it. He started to suck (Oompi valikkuka) my kunna. I told him to suck it deeply. Ninakkenthu thonnunnu? He asked me. I told him “ha enthoru sukham. Nannayi chappikko gopu. Ethu ninakkullatha ente suhruthe”. He sucked it deeply and his mouth filled with the honey. Then he spread my both the thighs and put his big kunna in between my thighs. He was telling some theri words like “maire kutta, kunnachare, poorimone, enikku vararayi… “I felt some hot liquid sprayed on my thighs and it was my friend’s juice. After that incident, we used to enjoy till I came abroad. He is in Kerala and I am at abroad. But whenever I go to Kerala, we have nice fun. This is my first experience in my gay life and afterwards I had nice time with other guys. If you have any comments about my first experience, please send on Regards, Rakesh Menon