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Seduction by Sister in law- Part II

Hi friends, I am back with my experiences with my sexy sister in law – Suni. Those of you who are new can refer to the earlier story by same name. Well the next day around 12 noon I reached Suni’s house. When I rang the bell my Co brother opened the door. I was bit shocked and surprised since as per Suni they should have left for Ernakulam in the morning itself. He welcomed me and asked me to relax in the drawing room. Just then Suni came with glass of water and silently blew me a kiss. God she was looking gorgeous. She was wearing a long gown tied with a velvet belt coming up to her knees and besides her legs none of her body part was visible. I just raised my eyebrows to ask her what happened and she loudly told her husband to hurry up since he was getting late. He apologized to me & said since he had a bad hangover they got late in leaving. At this time we were standing near the kitchen door and Suni was inside the kitchen and her hubby and daughter were in their respective rooms packing. She suddenly held on to my Penis and started fondling them and biting my ears. Oh it was so erotic I Just grabbed her and kissed her passionately and wanted to pinch her tits but she laughingly moved away and said wait it’s a surprise. I turned towards her and again sucked her lower lip while pressing and fondling her ass (which is big and as per my standards). She pulled my zip down and took out my penis and started sucking it. I thought I will cum then and there. In the meantime her hubby called her and she said mischievously that she can’t come since she was enjoying a nice big banana and passionately looked at me and started to suck again. It was so adventurous, what with everybody in the house and we both acting like two little horny teenagers. Within next ten minutes her hubby and daughter left and her hubby told me take care of her since they will be gone for at least three days. It was like music to my ears –three days with my darling Suni and no botherations! As soon as they left she bolted the door and ran in to my arms and we kissed passionately. I removed her hair pin and her beautiful shoulder length hair flew open. Caressing her head I inserted my tongue inside her mouth and she responded with equal fervour. I moved on to her neck and she started whispering in my ear – Oh honey I missed you, my jaan hold me tight, crush me lover, oh oh aaah ummmmmmmmm I love you darling. Well I was so horny that I picked her up like a baby (her both legs on my sides) and pushed her towards the wall and kissed her deeply and pulled her belt. Oh my she was fully nude inside and her two nipples were shining, hard and pointing towards me in all glory. I could not stop myself and stared to suck them turn by turn. She became hot and held my hair at the same time pushing her pussy towards me. I bent down and started licking the upper portion of her pussy and slid one finger inside her pussy. By this time she was absolutely wild and started calling me sexy fucker come and fuck me, you male horny god blast me, make love NOW. Well I also was in such a hot situation I made her lie on the ground and thrust my big hard rod inside her. The moment it went inside she stiffened for a few secs and then held on to me tightly and whispering in my ear- my lover you are the man, oh faster do it the hard way kill me lover, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssshhhhh, my love my darling. She suddenly held on to me and I knew she was nearing orgasm. She wound her legs around my waist and and moaned loudly aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ooooooooo maaaaaaaaaa I am cuming I am cuming faster harder aaah yes yes yes do it more more ohhhhh and she came in tonnes and it was my turn now I felt my genitals exploding and I thrust more strongly and came and came as if I was making love after years. We kept on lying on the floor entwined in each others arms and kissing passionately non stop. Then she just took my penis near her cheeks, and we dozed off maybe for half an hour, holding each other. Suddenly I woke up with a start to find Suni was not there, and a jazzy romantic music was on. It was so erotic (the music of course) I could feel something stirring inside me. I tried to locate Suni, and went to her bedroom from where the music was coming. And Lo the moment I entered it was like a maneka was there. Suni was standing there with a backless thigh length gown in red silk, with only a knot at the back of her neck (halter neck), and seductively gyrating to the tone of music. She was not wearing anything else. The moment our eyes met she shouted SURPRISE, darling this is the surprise. She took out two glasses and a bottle of beer and poured the beer on her pussy , I started licking it madly and she was like mad, ooooooooooooooooh aaaaaaaaah mmmmmmmmmmmmm I opened her pussy lips and stuck my tongue inside and licked her till she encircled my head with her legs and banging her pussy on my face and then she had a huge orgasm and she was like shivering and holding and kissing my face again and again and licking all her juices which were on my face and holding my face like a baby and muttering ’oh my lover my fucker my handsome give me more I want your tool to kill me pleassse. I started kissing her lower lip and pushing my tongue inside hers and we both started rolling on the floor. I removed her dress and told her to turn on her back and lift her buttocks. Oh what a sight it was. Her dripping pussy, hard nipples, lustful face and slightly gyrating buttocks. I caught hold of her buttocks and inserted my huge rod and gave her 2-3 powerful thrusts and she screamed aaaah its paining ohh but hurt me more I love it ooo yeeeeees , I then caught hold of her hair and started thrusting more vigorously, the scene was like somebody riding a horse holding its mane. I humped and humped and she was enjoying the pain and suddenly she freed her hair and opened her legs and spurt out everything on my tool and thighs and just lied on the bed without moving. I asked darling what’s the matter, she looked at me smiling and said “if you can understand how a woman gets satisfied from sex, I have been thoroughly, my every body part is satisfied by your lovemaking and my King from today I take you as my lord and master and I am ready to be fucked by you whenever wherever you want me to. I am your sex slave and your wife, had u not been my sisters husband I would have married you. I winked at her and said if you were my wife then are you sure we would have enjoyed like this. The truth is for a married man anything outside the home is horny bcos it is away from monotony. All this while she was massaging and sucking my tool and without warning I pushed her and thrust myself inside and humped like there would not be a tomorrow. I was biting her breasts, chewing her nipples at times pulling her hair and kissing her deeply on her lips. I was like a savage but she was so much in love with me she was enjoying it, and to my surprise she screamed yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ammmmmeeeeeeeeeee and she came and within two mins I also came and came. We slept like that and when we got up I asked her about her friend Sonia and whether she can be called for a session with both of us, Suni said Sonia and I both are your admirers and I will call her tonight itself and next two days all of us can enjoy each other. Well what happened then………… next time. I am in Delhi now and any ladies who like to enjoy a mature yet erotic sex can freely get in touch at