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Sex with Office Beauty

Hi all, I have a very sweet, young & smart lady in my office looking after the front office. I was always interested in her sweet, pleasant, wonderful smile and sexy giggles. She was an ordinary average girl in her mid twenties, slim, not that tall, fair & good looking. But there was something in her that always drew my attention, I think it was her eyes which was always inviting. Things were going on as usual when one day I happened to notice her staring into the computer monitor with an expression of eagerness and stealth on her face. That look on her face cannot actually be described in words – one must see for himself. I felt curious about what she was looking at, as I was sure that it was something that aroused some intense feeling in her. The next day I managed to find some time to access her computer & sneak thru what she was watching. To my surprise I found that she was watching a porn movie saved in the computer. While I was watching the movie on her computer she came in straight and saw me. She was suddenly taken aback and moved away from the place with a blush and smile. I was just getting back from my shock of being caught doing “JASUSI”, but that smile on her face showed that she was not that tensed. I got back to my wits and called her up near me still keeping the movie running. She came and stood behind the monitor, I gathered my wits and told her that that was a really erotic movie that I have ever seen and asked her whether she liked that kind of stuff. She kept mum and was blushing away with that sweet smile on her face. Days passed by, then one day I got a CD of hardcore porn which I thought I must show her. I brought it to office and went up to her, placed the CD on her table and said this is something wonderful and I am sure you will enjoy it. She at first seemed a bit puzzled, but later as I could see from my cabin that she had loaded the cd into her computer and was beginning to watch the movie. After a while I could make out from the expressions on her face that she was totally engrossed in the movie, enjoying it and was trying hard to control her feelings arising within. I slowly moved up to her and as I came near she suddenly felt my presence and closed down the player window. I asked her how the movie was. She pretented not to be watching it and said, “I didn’t see”. I went straight near her seat and opened the player window – the movie was still running with an explicit fucking scene, I said, “you naughty girl, I was watching you from my place. I think you must be really wet now. Are you?” to which she replied with a grin “who will not become wet seeing all this, that too for the first time.” Hearing this, I could sense a hint of her real interest in the subject. Like a teacher I told her you must feel it to really get wet, now I could see her keeping her legs crossed tightly as if to hold something from dropping down. I noticed the movie scene running on the computer and asked her to watch that, it was a guy licking and sucking a pussy, and asked her how it was. To my surprise she asked me, sir do you like to do that with me? To which I replied I would love to do that & more if you like. She gave a sweet smile and told it is not safe in office. I touched her cold hands on the table and said I cant wait too long. There after we used to watch more of such pics & movies and exchange a few glances and took every opportunity to touch her curves when ever we spoke about it safe from the eyes of the other staff. One day my boss was not in office and other staff were also not there as they had gone on official matters. We came together to my cabin and closed all the windows telling her that lets have some privacy. I asked her whether she wanted to see some new movie which I had brought for her. I could make out that she too was a bit nervous like me and slowly murmured that she was not particular in watching but wouldn’t mind watching one for a start. I pulled my chair and sat on it and asked her to sit near me on the table. She obediently brushed past me and sat on the table with both her legs touching the floor and just resting her bottom on the table, facing me. I played on an English porn movie. As the intimate scenes started I looked up at her she gave her usual lusty smile and held her left hand on the top of my chair, moving her lovely little breasts near to my face. I took a deep breath as if to catch the smell of her dress and the lovely pair beneath. She adjusted a little so that her body was almost touching my face. I slowly gave a soft kiss to her left boob through the dressing and asked are u enjoying? She just closed her eyes and murmered “Uh”. I slowly moved up my hand to her right breast and started kneading it through the fabric of her clothes. I cold feel her soft yet firm little boob and as I reached the nipple, it was already firm and growing. This made me even more horny. I slid my other hand under her churidar top to reach her stomach which was warm and soft. I massaged her soft belly and ran my fingers all over which made her shiver slightly due to the tickling sensation. I could see the small hairs on her hand were all raised. Now I rolled one finger all over in search of her naval, she adjusted by stretching herself which made it easier for me to find that sweet little caving on her flat soft belly. As I reached the naval I slid a finger into it and tickled her by twisting it lightly, at this I felt a sudden jerk of her body as if some current had passed through her she sighed “Oh sir”. I held both my hands firmly around her tummy and moved my fingers on her back & at times running under her pants to reach the start of her rear curves. She was pressing her chest towards my face and I could get the sweet smell of her skin and gave her a light kiss to the bare chest portion revealed by the front opening of the dress. I was soon getting horny and was lured by the thought of reaching her juicy tight pussy. I slowly stood up made her lean away from my body by giving her a kiss on her wide forehead and holding her in my right arm, now I reached for her thighs massaged them slowly and moved upwards sliding my hand in between her legs to reach the tight fabric over her pussy. I t was warm and slightly moist at the bottom middle, might be due to some pleasure release. I tried to feel her pussy, its split and the clit through the fabric and was moving my finger along the caved in panty fabric, she had her eyes shut tightly and was holding her lower lip between her teeth. I gave a tight but soft kiss to her lips and at the same time slipped my hand thru her panty to reach her warm and soft hairy pussy. I could fell the wetness at the split surface itself and was just thinking about the juicy start. I started stroking my finger at entrance when she suddenly grabbed my left palm from above said “sir please”, I knew she was a bit hesitant as it was the first time anyone other than herself was touching her private parts. I murmered very lightly into her ears, “hey don’t worry I am not going to hurt you, just feeling you and making you feel better.” Saying this I managed to slip my pointing finger into the split and then slowly rubbed at her clit, this made her moan and release the hard clutch of her hand. He pussy was juicing now as I stroked her clit more rapidly and firmly, I could feel some convulsions inside her body which she was trying hard to hide. I kissed her again and slid the next finger into the wet hole this made her give out a little shriek, “oh… mmmm ……ayyo.. ….sir!” I just loved that sexy pleasure shriek she gave out and this made me plunge the finger still more deeper into her hole, and now I could feel my zip tightening by the hard on. I continued the stroking and fingering for some more time till she almost jumped from the table saying aaaaaaaaaaagghhhhhhhh, her tummy sucked inside and with a sudden jerk of the body, she started cumming my hand was drenched with the warm juices. I continued the fingering but a bit slower and smeared the juices all over her pussy with the other fingers. She was gasping and panting, and the same time was wriggling her hip, I think because of the tickling sensation of me fingering and smearing with the juice. I gave her a passionate kiss on her lips and asked her to open her eyes, but she was feeling too shy and nodded her head to show that she did not want to open. I Kissed her on her left cheek and asked how it felt, she just giggled. I told her to stand up and pulled her up straight still with my hand cupping her pussy and massaging it, I held her tight to my chest and said, ‘hey u r so tender, soft but very hot.” She giggled again and opened her eyes looking straight into mine. As our eyes met I could sense the message that she wanted more, but alas time was running out, I told her lets clean up now, we can have more later, saying this I tighly gripped her pussy and then drew out my hand from inside the panty took a deep smell of my hand and licked my fingers one by one still looking straight into her eyes. “you are really very tasty too!”, I exclaimed and we kissed passionately, I roamed my tounge all over her mouth, to which she responded by sucking my upper lip. At this I asked her, “how was the experience? Now when do I get to taste you?” she very shyly replied sir whenever we get a chance next time. I told I couldn’t wait, she made up her dress, tightened the lace of her dress and murmered “neither can I”. Hearing this I could resist holding her once agin close to me and we exchanged another sweet kiss until the phone bell rang……….. Rest in next bye……..mail me at to post your comments and more.