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malini sex story

I am a devotee of this Kerala Erotica and regular visitor I would like to give my real experience its not story it was happened two years back when I was working as lecturer in a private college Your comments are my inspiration. I am basically an academecian. Girls, ladies & aunts, you realize that our life is too short, no guarantee to anybody, so enjoy the maximum with good companies without affecting your family life and social status. Well, come to the point I am healthy adult married aged 32 having normal body structure. This was happened with my student viki(name changed) she is south indian girl wheatish colou slim structure but very beautiful I had good relationship with her in the beginning I didn’t have any sex motivation later on she become very close to me used to tell all her problems and everything what not I used to visit her house where she stayed with her granni since her parents were in her native place her granni knows me well and greet me having good respect on me. The very first insident was one day I went to her house its upstair only two rooms one kichen and hall she was preparin g soemthin in the kichen I went directly kichen and enquired what is the preperation during that period many times my body touched her but she didn’t care later on she moved her hand volunteerly and said that she likes me more by the time I got aroused so immediately I grabbed her and planted french kiss we both lost our concious of our surrounding kissing she was licking my tongue it’s a deep kiss losted for more than 30 mint suddenly her granny entered somehow we parted and acted like nothing was happen after that incident no meeting long gap in between whenever I find time only used to kiss and superficial work. Once I got the chance to stay in her house since only one room is available she asked her granny to sleep outside her granny also accepted and went out to sleep by leaving us in the room she bolted the door and came near hugged me tightly we kissed each other vigourously then I removed her dresses she removed my dress we both are nude and hugged each other carressing her back and kissing her hardly then I asked her to lie down on the bed I laid her side and kissed all over the body she was enjoying my action and cooperating she asked me to lick her cunt but I was hesitant in first instant later on with courage I parted her legs seen clean shaved cunt opened the lips of cunt with my finger slowly kissed the sidelinesShe started moaning oooooh then I slided my toungu into the honey hole started toungu fucking for 10 min she wriggled reached ectasy and poured her pussy juice on my face got good orgasm then she came on to me kissed my body took my tool 7 inch removed the fore skin did to and fro action then put it in her mouth sucked it full lengh I was in seventh heaven it was going on for another 15min I cummed off poured semen to her mouth she licked completely like taking choco bar we both are tired so lied down for some time simply carressing each other withing 15min gap my tool started growing once again this time I ased her to take my tool in her mouth she sucked my tool once again now its in fullest lengh and thickness I removed my tool from her mouth spread her legs apar and tried to inser into her vagina since she is 19 year old and its first time my tool didn’t enter then I inserted my fingers to loosten the honey hole I did it for some time once again I tried to insert with little bit force this time it went inside but too tight she was screeming ooooooooooooh aaaaaaaaaah meduva pannunga I got aroused and inserted my tool to its fullest lengh I kept it inside for some time so that she can relived from pain then I started my in and out movement slowly she was enjoying and moveing her hip according to my movement then I increased the speed she got orgasm three times but for me it took 25 min I was getting tired breathing heavily finally my tool started to pour its milk out suddenly I removed my tool and splashed the milk on her belly and cunt I am afraid to leave my juice inside her since she is young and we didn use any condomn after this first session two more times we fucked then slept nakedly morning I didn’t get up she got up early but didn’t open the door for her granni I got up at 6.30 I was nude that time she worn all her dress but I removed her lower and asked her to liedown simply opened her lege and inserted my tool since there is no preplay its dry my tool get sliding inside roughly suddenly door was banged immediately I removed my tool out and lied in my bed as if I am still sleeping she dressed up and opened the door for her granni After this incident I didn’t get chance to fuck her but many times we played with each others body and french kiss still I remember that incident but now she finished her course and got married having children leading peacefll life I swithed to other college where I found another girl with whome I got very good sex I will write that story in my next mail please send your comments I invite young girls and descent desired aunties for safe sex secrecy will be maintained throughout send your comments to