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Seducing Neighbour Aunt Viji

Hi! Readers. I hope you might have remembered me with my fucking stories – with my colleagues Madhu, and Dream Girl Sujatha, in 3 parts, and with her daughter Pranava. You also remember me with my encounters I had with my house owner Lalitha in 2 parts and my neighbour aunt. I also submitted my sex encounters with my servant Rajeswari and her friends Sunitha and Malathi. I am happy with the comments from the readers. With that spirit, now I narrate my recent sex encounter with my neighbour aunt Vijaya. I will let you know about the beautiful figure of my sweet Vijaya. She is aged about 45 years, and her husband (57 years) is working in a private firm. She has a daughter of 23 years, who is working as a software engineer at Hyderabad. Her measurements are 38-32-46. You can imagine the figure based on the measurements. She is red in colour and big eyes and broad nose. Her lips are very attractive with pink colour. Nobody can move his view on seeing her. Usually she did not move single from her flat even for shopping. Generally, she will go to shop along with her daughter only. At the beginning, I did not have any idea of fucking this beauty but on observing her movements I have an idea of it if any fortune comes to me. One day my wife went to a function of our relatives for two days. Because of work pressure, in my office, I did not accompany her. She left our flat key in my neighbour’s house and phoned me to take the key from them. In the afternoon at 2 PM, I returned to my flat from the office. I went to my neighbour’s flat and knocked the door for my flat key. I heard some noise coming to nearer of the door. The door was open and I saw aunt Vijaya, who came with a sweet smile. I observed that she has woken up from sleep on hearing my knocking. She asked me to come inside the hall and showed sofa to relax there. She went to fridge and brought me some cold water. Later she told me to have a cup of coffee and went to kitchen and preparing coffee. I am observing her back. On seeing her seat and ass cracks, I did not control myself and proceeded to kitchen. She saw me and gave a smile. With courage, I went inside of her kitchen. She asked me that why I did not attend the function along with my wife. I told her that becoz of work in my office, I did not go there. During conversation also, I am observing her big boobs and novel and its down side and back of it. But I did not mind that if she knew my observations of her body. While taking to me, she turned back and observed my hungry looks. She was giggled and moved back and filled 2 cups with coffee and bend to place the vessel on the stove. I did not control and moved fast towards and hugged from her back keeping one hand on her big boob. She was surprised and shocked on my attempt. I did not lose the chance and pressing her boobs one after the other and also pressing her seat with my other hand. Later I moved my hand to her sweet pussy and pressing it hardly. She resisted me not to do and tried to release from my hands. But I did not let her move. After 10 min of my movements, she is hot and moaning like "hhhhaaaaaa….Rajesh….pllleeeesssssss, do not do this…………ooooohhhhhhhhhh………I am too old to you……………no, no, no Rajesh……… not put your hand inside my pussy. Oooohhhh…Rajesh, plllleeessseeee…….remove your hands on my pussy and boobs…..pllleeess leave me… is not good…….". I am not hearing her words and moving fastly with my work. In another 10 min she is very hot and pressing my both hands with her hands on her boobs and pussy. Slowly I inserted my finger into her love hole and moving in and out, while pressing her boobs and seat. Her pussy hole is small in size. She is moaning "hi, Rajesh….do it fastly…..put your one more finger into my hot pussy and pump it fasty……yeeeesssssssss……haaaaaaaa…….good……do good pumping………" I moved by putting her in my hands to her bed room and made her lie on her marital bed. She asked me to fuck her vigorously. She requested me to remove my dress and she also undressed herself. She is completely nude on her marital bed. What a beautiful figure? Her pussy is in big size while the love hole is seeing small in size. I did not know why hers is small even though she had a daughter. I removed my dress and my dick is ready for fucking in 90o. On seeing my dick she took it and moving skin up and down and kissed and licked vigorously. I do not want to release my juice immediately. So I removed my hot rod from her mouth and climbed her bed. I moved on to her top and kissing her and pressing her boobs and hot pussy. I moved to her hot pussy and kissed it. She spread her legs widely so that it is easy for me to move inside of her lovely hole. She was moaning like "Rajesh………do it fastly………At first I did not have any idea of giving my flower to you, but inside of my heart something is there to see you nude and play with your dick……… Ohhhhh…..rajesh…….…………ooooohhhhhhhhhoooooo…Rajesh …….I never had this sweet finger fucking in my life with my hubby. He fucks me for 2 or 3 min….His dick does not go inside of my pussy completely. He releases his juice on my cunt (outside) only. May be some juice went inside of my pussy and make me mother……….Pllleeeeeeeeeee…..Rajesh ………put your hot rod into my hot pussy and give me your great thrusts and pour your hot rod sweet milk in my hot and waiting pussy". I really shocked on hearing her words and I came to know becoz she was not fucked by her hubby in a proper way, her pussy hole is very tight. She is nothing but a virgin and having a virgin pussy. She took my rod into her hand and took it to her lovely hole and placed it. She requested me to press it inside and show her heaven. I moved towards her pussy to go inside of it but my efforts are in vain. After 15 min struggle, my dick has gone inside of her hot and wet pussy. I moved in and out of it. She was moaning " Rajesh………good fucking…………my hubby has not been giving me this type of pleasure in fucking……….pllleeeess…… ….". My movements are increased on hearing her words. Her nervous system is jammed and her pussy lips are tightly catched my dick. She is nearer to her orgasm. She moaned to fuck her hard and to increase my speed. I also moaned "Hhhhaaaaaa, Vijji aunty….your sweet pussy is taking my lengthy dick fully in it and squeezing my rod to take juice from it". I did it for 5 minutes. She yelled "hooo,,,Rajesh….I am cuming. Give me your speed movements and fuck me hardly". One volcano came from her sweet lovely hole and it drenched my dick and her bed sheet. After 10 minutes of my fucking, I reached my orgasm and poured my hot rod milk into her love pussy hole fully. Some of the juice is overflowing from the deflowered pussy of an aunt of 45 years. On that afternoon I fucked her for 3 times on her marital bed. Later we moved to bathroom and cleaned our organs. We dressed up and came to hall and sat on the sofa. She thanked me for giving her a good fucking and requested me to reveal this to anybody. While leaving I hugged her gave a hot and good kiss on her lips and took saliva to my mouth. She also did the same and took my mobile number. She told me that this relation will continue and she will call me for further fucking sessions, when the time permits. This is my another fucking session and one more virgin (like) pussy deflowered by me. She is like an angel and very beauty and pretty aunt. I am waiting for her call to fuck her vigorously and also an idea of fucking her sweet ass. OK, all of you are enjoying with my story and sending your comments without fail to my email ID: