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Sex with My Tennis Coach

My name is Kavya. My friends said I am like cinema actress Kavya. I am 24 year old. I am young and beautiful. Tennis playing is my hobby. While playing Tennis I wore tighter top and small shorts. When playing I don't wear bra .So my boobs are dancing in the time. My boobs are not small. Lot of old men look at the play of mine and friends. They are so sexy. I wore low cut top for their enjoyment. I have long hair. I usually knot it like horse tail. It’s a +point to my sexy look. I am in Kochin and played in Kochin indoor club stadium. My friends told me that: "if wore like this dress, any one attack you to have sex". "Because you are so sexy”. I make a sexy smile and replied: “I like it; I wanted to fuck and lick someone". Friends said “aye”. One day, when I go back home after play, with sweat, suddenly I met a man. He is about 40-45. He is so sexy. I like him. I liked him. we talk each other and will become friends. His name is Mohan, with good body good whiskers. Nice man. He is tennis coach of Trivandrum. And he is here as the chief selector of Cochin tennis teaming. That night I dreamed him. As he fucked me. I am in tennis dress. He undressed me. I don't object him. Then he unties my hair. He smelled my hair. He circled my navel with his tongue. I am in great pleasure. I lie in the floor, because my feelings. Then he started to lick my sweating body. I closed my eyes. because I feel sooo sexy. Mohan rub and massage my boobs, foot, and bit my ears. I moaned with pleasure. He started kiss my neck. I really enjoyed that. I decided to make in my side with sexy tricks, so I get a place in team. Suddenly I wake up from sleeping. I feel disappointment with the dream is uncompleted. Now I really wanted to fuck Mohan, the dream man. I really enjoyed that dream. I wanted to the dream come true. If the dream come true? That’s next story…… After my dream, I met Mohan again after two weeks. He watched my play. I can’t concentrate in the play. Because I thanked about the dream. So I make some faults. I bend down many times. So he can see my boobs and back. I played some sexy shots and maid some tricks to fell him down in my net. But think he didn’t concentrate it. After mach Mohan came to me. He said: “kavya u will be an excellent tennis player. But Kavya must get good training. If you are ready, I will train you in my home. there is a court to play". I agreed. (not only to training but also I wanted to see my dream come to truth.}. He said he will in his home in this Sunday. I agreed to come there on Sunday. Sunday came. I wore my lowest cut pink top and my sexy shorts without bra as usual. I take a sari in my bag to wear after training. I went to his home. He is alone there. His wife and children in Trivandrum. I think it is a opportunity. He invites me to tennis court. He gave me tea and tennis racket. I bend down and take it. I think this time he enjoyed the view of my boobs and hairless foot. Then we start playing. I played quit well. He congrats me. I try some sexy shots and some sexy tricks once more. This time he saw it. He missed the ball many times. Because he enjoyed the view. He gave some useful advice. In the break I asked about his family and he asked about my family. We chatted sometime. And now we are good friends. Then we started our play. I continued my sexy tricks with my breast, foot, and my hair. I think he understand that I didn’t wear bra by the time. Rain stopped our play. I asked “can I go home, sir?". He said “ok”. Then he watched my body with sexy eyes. The view of the boobs and stomach is clear now. Because of the transparency of the dress (fully wet with my sweating). He said: “you are so sexy”. I like it and said thank you with a sexy smile. Then I licked my seating from under the nose with tongue. He asked me “Kavya, how u go to home with this dress?” I said “I have a sari”. He show me the dressing room. I went in and didn’t lock the door. And wear my blue transparent sari and sexy sleeveless blouse with pink bra. I espect him to come there and fuck me. But he didn’t come. So I am very disappointed. I think he is not a naughty man. Then I untie my hair and make it in a sexier look. But when I come back to him, in his drawing room, he wondered. He wore a lungi and banian. He appreciate me. I started walk out with disappointment. But he slowly come close me back. I know it. But I act like I don’t know it. He placed his hands in my shoulder. And call me sexily call me “Kavya….”. I stopped walking and asked him with a sexy smile “sir, what is this?” He realized that I want sex. So he slowly moved his hand to my bottom hand. And he slowly hugged my stomach. I moaned with sexy feeling. “Ah…,” He kissed my neck with great emotion and haste. I like it and I think about my dream. He slowly undressing me. First, he bit my sari and removes it from my shoulder. Then he placed his face in my hair. He undressed my blouse in funny style. He slowly unhooked the blouse with his mouth. In the same time he digs my boobs with his tongue. I closed my eyes with feelings. He untied my “pavada”. And slowly remove it. And kiss my stomach same time. He is great sexy man. He muttered in my ears “wah…. Va beautiful sexy body...” he said. he kissed my neck. Then he licked my whole body. {like the dream}. First stomach, then neack, slowly moved to face. All the parts of the body licked by him. I really enjoyed it. He removes my panty and bra. And he undressed himself... “What a body…….?” He wiped his body with my hair. He fucks my boobs and drinks my milk. Then we went to his beautiful bedroom. We enjoy each other and fuck there for two hours…… After rain I went to my home. He said “meet again beauty”. He offered me a permanent place in tennis team. My mother and father in Bangalore. That’s my luck. So my dream completed. That’s my first sex experience… Comments to :